1:1 Ayurvedic Wellness & Coaching Package

1:1 Ayurvedic Wellness & Coaching Package

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Size 3 Months

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When you prioritize the health of your body and mind daily, you put yourself on a course to live vibrantly and age gracefully.

 Better habits = a better you.

In this 1:1 package I provide personalized and practical solutions to help you reach YOUR wellness goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments.

Length Options:

3 Months | 6 Months | 12 Months 

 What's Included: 

  • Unlimited review of food journals through Practice Better
  • Bi-weekly Personalized Meal Plan w/grocery list
  • Unlimited email access (Stuck? Get answers to pressing questions within 48 hours)
  • Once weekly check-in calls (phone, 15-30 minutes in length)
  • Handouts, healthy recipes
  • Weekly meal planning
  • Grocery shopping tips/lists
  • 20% off all AWOW products
  • Once monthly meeting (video chat, phone, or a combination to meet your needs, 50 minutes in length)
  • Personalized tools to help achieve a healthy weight
  • Personalized tools to help you implement lifestyle and behavior adjustments
  • Recap of consultation sessions with detailed notes and action steps (via email)
  • Daily Routine Kit - sent monthly
  • Sample personalized herbal care package (1 month supply) w/instructions
  • Some of the funding is put to sponsor a family of 4 of AWOW Family Health Program
  • Invitation to monthly Masterclass