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If you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep, you’re not alone. In the US, it’s estimated that between 50-70 million adults aren’t getting enough sleep. Some degree of insomnia is reported in as many as 30% of all adults.

Sleep is vital to both your health and happiness.

Ayurveda describes sleep as a basic instinct of life, essential to all living beings. We need it to rejuvenate and reenergize our body, mind, and spirit. Sleep (nidra) is one of the three pillars of health, along with food (ahara) and energy management (brahmacharaya). This means you should strive for 7-9 hours of quality sleep to optimize your overall health and wellbeing.  

If you aren't sleeping well—or enough—all of your efforts won't enable you to achieve your best health. The fact is, without sufficient rest, you won't make smart food choices or have the energy needed to function throughout the day!

How can I sleep better at night naturally?

Regular practice of yoga along with pranayama, or deep breathing exercise, in the morning can help improved sleep. Compliment this with A Web of Wellness Sleep Better Bundle and you will feel the results immediately. 

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Chronic cases of insomnia may be treated with shirodhara, a procedure where oil is slowly poured on the forehead.


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What are the features of the Sleep Better Bundle?

The whole aim for you to sleep better at night depends on how you regulate your body and build a system that adds value to your body workflow and retention. 



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